Barcelona Interns: your guaranteed internship in Barcelona!

Barcelona Interns arranges internships in Barcelona and graduate jobs in Barcelona for international, Spanish, and Catalan* students.

Barcelona Interns was set up in 2002, and offers students a work placement in Spain from between 3 to 12 months with Spanish and international companies in and around Barcelona. Would you like us to find you an internship in Barcelona?

Barcelona Interns will find you the internship in Barcelona / graduate job in Barcelona that you’re looking for… and that´s a guarantee! Barcelona Interns arranges paid internship positions, 90% of our companies pay their interns at least 300 euro a month. Most of our client companies pay their students between 300 and 700 euro a month.

Barcelona Interns charges a registration fee of 175 euro. Upon acceptance of your internship in Barcelona arranged by Barcelona Interns, we will charge you another 175 euro, upon payment of your internship position will be confirmed with the company. So the total Barcelona Interns mediation costs are 350 euro (the175 registration cost plus 175 euro on acceptance of your internship).

Barcelona Interns will start your selection procedure after your registration with Barcelona Interns. We will provide you with a Barcelona Interns ID number, and will send you a confirmation email. From that moment on your selection procedure has started and you can prepare for your internship in Barcelona!

Barcelona Interns will talk to you before starting the process of arranging your internship in Spain, just to get to know you a little bit and to see that you are a serious candidate, therefore we will arrange a time with you for an interview of about 10 minutes and will call you after your approval of doing so.

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Guaranteed Internship in Barcelona Cost: 350 euro
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*Note for Spanish and Catalan students:
If you are a spanish or Catalan student and would like to gain some work experience in an international company to practise your English; read on… Register with Barcelona Interns and we will guide you to an internship or work placement in Barcelona Ciudad! Tell us your background and preferences, and we will make sure you will be able to speak English at work, without going abroad!  


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